Creative Recapitalization solutions for any business

A recapitalization is a capital transaction in which the financial structure of the company is reconstituted to achieve the ownership’s particular goals.


These goals can include generating personal liquidity without selling the company (or any of its operating parts), buying out a shareholder who wishes to depart, or infusing financial resources into the company without ownership having to personally guarantee debt.


Depending on the negotiated terms, ownership may be in a majority or minority position, and may receive cash, stock, warrants, options, or other compensation.

Advisory Services for Recapitalization

 Miller Advisory Services can work with you to help identify the key issues you are facing and will face during the process.  We can also work with you to represent your interests, undertake a transaction for your company, and enhance your credibility with debt and equity sources. 


We will maintain your confidentiality and help manage the process so you can focus on running your business.  Above all, we will protect your interests throughout any type of recapitalization endeavor.


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