Company Sales and Divestitures that make sense

Selling a company is one of the most crucial and scary decisions an owner makes. There are many questions to answer, but we start by helping you answer the most important one of all..


 Does selling my company make the most sense now or in the future? 


Experience has taught us that there are many options available to company owners considering an exit. This not only includes selling, but also recapitalization, and refinancing. 

We work with you to determine the best course of action. If you decide to sell, we are dedicated to helping you through every stage of the process.




We achieve maximum value and attractive terms using a competitive, but discreet, process. We act only in your interest and for your benefit, and we  orchestrate the process to maximize your control of the project. 


STEP ONE: Preparation


First, we examine the company’s inner workings, including products, marketing, operations, and industry position. 

We help you prepare your company for sale and determine your transaction objectives and most fertile target markets.  Then we will prepare an Executive Summary and Confidential Information Package, and develop an effective presentation to inform potential buyers and answer their most probable questions.  


STEP TWO: Identifying Attractive Candidates


Next, we develop and execute a strategy for attracting candidate interest. We search out both strategic and financial candidates and explore both local and national candidates.

 Additionally, we supplement our list of candidates with prospects from our network of professional advisors, which includes attorneys, consultants and CPA’s.


STEP THREE: Outreach


We present your company with the goal of realizing the greatest reward for your hard work and investment. 

Throughout the process, we will protect your company’s private information. The Executive Summary does not identify you or your company. 

The Confidential Information Package is offered and your identity is revealed only after the candidate executes a formal Confidentiality Agreement. 

 After studying the Confidential Information Package and having all questions answered, we assess the interest of the candidates. 

Then we arrange meetings with the most interested candidates and prepare you to meet them in person.

We solicit Letters of Intent detailing every interested candidates’ terms and time-frame for their intended transaction.

We also assist in analyzing the proposals and negotiating to achieve the most favorable arrangement.


STEP FOUR: Closing the Deal


Once a final Letter of Intent is negotiated and executed, we ensure a smooth and speedy flow of information to complete the process and get you back to concentrating on your core business.


We will also, upon request, offer the benefit of our experience, expertise, and observations to assist your attorneys, accountants, and other professional advisors in successfully completing the transaction.  We are experienced in combating “jam downs,” where buyers try to reduce the price or wring further concessions from the owner at the last minute.

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